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501(c) groups

‘Dark money’ groups gear up for Supreme Court battle as 2020 election nears

By Anna Massoglia September 21, 2020

“Dark money” groups are projected to spend tens of millions of dollars on the battle over Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat.

Political Ads

‘Dark money’ groups pouring millions into 2020 political ads with even less disclosure

By Anna Massoglia September 11, 2020

“Dark money” groups have spent more than $182 million on 2020 ads with only a fraction of that spending reported to the Federal Election Commission.

Political Ads

Party operatives steering millions in ‘dark money’ to 2020 election ads

By Anna Massoglia August 18, 2020

Millions in political spending and 2020 contributions can be traced back to “dark money” groups aligned with Democratic or Republican party leadership.

‘Dark money’ group tied to Tom Cotton targets Democrats in Trump-won districts

By Anna Massoglia July 30, 2020

A “dark money” group launched by Sen. Tom Cotton’s allies is spending on digital attack ads targeting Democrats in districts President Donald Trump won.

Outside Money

‘Dark money’ networks hide political agendas behind fake news sites

By Anna Massoglia May 22, 2020

Political operations are pouring millions of “dark money” dollars into ads and digital content masquerading as news to influence the 2020 election.

China Telecom spending on foreign influence amid Trump admin crackdown

By Anna Massoglia May 14, 2020

Chinese telecommunications operators bankrolled lobbying and foreign influence operations in the U.S. amid escalating tensions between the two countries.

Outside Money

Shell companies hide Trump campaign’s financial dealings as super PAC coordination rules kick in

By Anna Massoglia April 17, 2020

Trump campaign financial dealings are hidden by shell companies as his super PAC unveils 2020 political ads attacking Joe Biden’s coronavirus response.

501(c) groups

‘Dark money’ groups steering millions to super PACs in 2020 elections

By Anna Massoglia February 7, 2020

Super PACs are quietly steering more than $65 million from ‘dark money’ groups into 2020 elections as federal agencies tasked with their oversight struggle to keep up.

‘Dark money’ in politics skyrocketed in the wake of Citizens United

By Anna Massoglia January 27, 2020

Dark money from anonymous donors set new records influencing elections in the decade after the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United ruling.

501(c) groups

Trump judicial adviser’s ‘dark money’ network hides Supreme Court spending

By Anna Massoglia January 2, 2020

A secretive network spending millions of dollars on Donald Trump’s Supreme Court picks terminated nonprofit nodes while funneling money to an LLC.

501(c) groups

Cash-strapped NRA discloses spending on foreign fundraising for first time

By Anna Massoglia December 16, 2019

The National Rifle Association disclosed spending on foreign fundraising for the first time as it faced a multimillion-dollar shortfall.

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